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You may register for Leisure Classes by completing the registration form and faxing us at 734-246-7244.  Be sure to include your credit card number.



Andrea Janssen will be featuring the fun and delicious side of cooking!  *Note: Each class has a $35 registration fee and a supply list. To get your supply list, email or call 586-731-4681.


Authentic Italian Cannoli

Make fresh cannoli shells from scratch and then stuff them with sweet ricotta cheese (or custard) filling!  See notation above.*

CN:1140         Tue-1wk                                          Apr 12

CN:1145         Thur-1wk                                         Apr 14

$35                 DV Rm.11                            7:00-9:30pm


Handmade Ravioli & Tortellini

Prepare fresh Italian pasta from scratch,  then make ravioli and tortellini stuffed with fillings YOU choose!  See notation above.*

CN:1142         Wed-1wk                                         Apr 20

$35                 DV Rm.11                            7:00-9:30pm


Let’s Make SUSHI!

Seafood, Vegetarian, or Vegan!

Learn to roll handmade sushi. Choose which fillings to use!  See notation above.*

CN:1141         Mon-1wk                                         Apr 18

$35                 DV Rm.11                            7:00-9:30pm


Perfect Pierogies

Prepare about 2 dozen delicious pierogies from scratch, with fillings YOU get to choose. See notation above.*

CN:1093         Thur-1wk                                           Apr 7

$35                 DV Rm.11                            7:00-9:30pm


Polish Angel Wings (CHRUSCIKI)

Make dozens of these sweet Polish treats all from scratch! See notation above.*

CN:1143         Mon-1wk                                         Apr 25

$35                 DV Rm.11                            7:00-9:30pm


Holiday Polish Kolachky Cookies

Make and take home dozens of these soft and flaky cream cheese holiday favorites. See notation above.*

CN:1099         Tue-1wk                                            Apr 5

$35                DV Kitchen                           7:00-9:30pm


Fresh Michigan Pasties

Prepare 6 flaky pie crusts and stuff them with a savory Upper Peninsula chunky meat and veggie filling, all made from scratch! See notation above.*

CN:1144        Wed-1 wk                                        Apr 27

$35                 DV Rm.11                            7:00-9:30pm






Beginning Stained Glass

Create a beautiful, large sun catcher; learn to prepare your pattern, select and cut glass, all with the proper tools.  No experience necessary, and all tools will be provided.  Pay a $30 supply fee to the instructor at the first class. Please reference refund notification on page 30.  Instructor: Birdwell  Maximum: 6 students per session.

Class Location:  All That Glass, 2035 West Rd. Trenton 48183

CN:1008        Tue-4wks                             Starts Feb 23

$65                    Trenton                               6:00-8:00pm

CN:1112        Thu-4wks                             Starts Feb 25

$65                    Trenton                               6:00-8:00pm


Mosaic Coral Bowl

The fused bowl project will be completed in a 2-hour course in which you will learn to cut strips of glass and arrange these strips to replicate coral, and then it will be slumped to take the shape of a bowl. The finished piece will be available for pickup the following week. Material fee: $5. Due the first week of class.

CN:1004         Tue- 1 wk                           Starts Feb 9

$45                   ASH Rm. 15                        6:00-8:00pm


Mini Mosaic Pendant

In the pendant class, you will arrange glass pieces in a "mini mosaic" in a deep well pendant. This is a make-and-take class offers a one-of-a-kind piece of jeweltry. Material fee: $5. Due the first week of class.

CN:1146         Thu- 1 wk                             Starts Feb 11

$45                    ASH Rm. 15                         6:00-8:00pm


Sketching & Drawing

(Beginning & Intermediate)

Work in various art mediums using pencil, charcoal, and inks.  Draw still-life, landscapes, and human figures. Supply list will be provided first night of class.  Instructor: Verona

CN:1005         Tue-8wks                             Starts Feb 23

$53                ASH Rm. 12                          7:00-9:00pm


Watercolor (for all levels)

Learn fresh, loose techniques.  Complete and finish a full picture each class. Get a supply list at registration.   Instructor is certified through Terry Madden Watercolor Instruction.  Instructor: Quiel

CN:1006       Thur-10wks                           Starts Feb 25

$100             ASH Rm. 15                          6:00-8:30pm                                                                               






We use Windows 7 Pro and Microsoft Office 2013.

Please do not include book fees with tuition.  Book fees are paid the first night of class.



This class studies the beneficial role technology plays in processing accounting information. Emphasis is placed on hands-on application utilizing popular accounting software. Specific topics studied include setting up company information, maintenance of accounts and records, journalizing and posting transactions, closing the books and creating financial statements, payroll reports, cost accounting, and inventory management.  Service, merchandising, and manufacturing business applications will also be discussed. Prerequisite: at least one Microsoft class. *Book fee  $25

Instructor: Nicholas

CN:1019         Tue-8wks                             Starts Feb 23

$90                 ASH Rm. 2                            5:30-7:30pm


Computer Fundamentals with Windows7

For students needing beginning computer skills and familiarity with the Windows Operating System.  Instruction includes file management process, Internet, email, and configuring your system.  *Book fee: $25.  Instructor: Bentley

CN:1020       Wed-12wks                            Starts Feb 24

$95                 ASH Rm. 2                            5:30-7:25pm


Senior Citizen (55+)

Intro to Computers with Windows 7

No computer experience necessary. Learn through hands-on instruction.  Cover basic computer concepts, mouse practice, and navigating the keyboard. *Book fee: $25. Instructor: Bentley

CN:1021    Mon/Wed-6wks                         Starts Feb 22

$78                 ASH Rm.1                            3:15-5:15pm


Senior Citizen (55+) Computer II

Continue your introduction to basic computer usage by learning to browse the Internet, send emails, and configure your Windows Operating System to your personal specifications. *Book fee: $25. Instructor: Bentley

CN:1022    Mon/Wed-6wks                         Starts Apr 18

$78                 ASH Rm. 1                            3:15-5:15pm


Excel Office 13

Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel: Work with formulas, functions, filters, named ranges, subtotals, pivot tables, and macros.  You will create basic spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and graphic objects. Prerequisite: Windows File Management Skills.  *Book fee: $25. Instructor: Bentley

CN:1024       Mon-12wks                           Starts Feb 22

$95                 ASH Rm. 2                            5:30-7:25pm


MS Office Excel 2013 Modules

Learn specific areas of Excel in four-week module sessions.  Take one module or sign up for all three!  Prerequisite: Knowledge of Excel and Windows7 file management skills. Material fee: $5  Instructor: Bentley


CN:1131       Wed-4 wks                         Feb 24-Mar 16

Pivot Tables/Charts

CN:1132       Wed-4 wks                        Mar 23- Apr 13


CN:1133       Wed-4 wks                        Apr 20-May 11

$50 per 4-wk module ASH Rm. 2                        7:30-9:15pm


MS-Office Word/PowerPoint 2013

Learn the basics of Word: editing and composing documents, formatting documents, finalizing documents in the first 8 weeks. During the last 4 weeks, there will be an introduction to the basics of PowerPoint. Prerequisite:  Windows 7 file Management Skills. *Book fee: $25. Instructor: Bentley

CN:1023       Mon-12wks                           Starts Feb 22

$95                 ASH Rm. 2                            7:30-9:25pm






Knitting - Beginning

Knitting is an ancient art that is experiencing a revival.  We will be working from “I Taught Myself Knitting” by Boye (can be purchased at local stores).  You will need a skein of white or cream-colored worsted weight yarn, not a fuzzy soft type. Note: Knitting requires your hands to be held rigidly for extended lengths of time, which may prove to be difficult for some individuals. Instructor: Staff

CN:1007         Tue-8wks                               Starts Mar 8

$39                 ASH Rm. 8                            6:30-8:30pm


Beginners Crochet

Crochet is back in style and now is the time to learn. Beginners will learn basic stitches and finishing techniques, and how to read patterns.  Bring a skein of light-colored, 4-ply, worsted weight, acrylic yarn and a size “I” or “J” crochet hook.  A book fee of $8 due to instructor on the first night of class.  Instructor: Staff

CN:1000        Wed-6wks                              Starts Mar 9

$48                ASH Rm. 12                          6:30-8:00pm

CN:1010        Wed-6wks                              Starts Mar 9

$48                ASH Rm.12                           4:30-6:00pm


Intermediate Crochet

This is a continuation of beginning crochet that uses more intricate stitches and focuses on pattern reading.  Bring a skein of light colored 4-ply worsted weight acrylic yarn and a size “I” or “J” crochet hook.  Other types of yarn or hook sizes may be needed as we decide what types of stitches to learn. Instructor: Firoz

CN:1102        Wed-4wks                             Starts Apr 20

$32                 ASH Rm. 12                      6:30-8:30                          



Learn the basics of sewing. Choose the right size pattern, suitable fabric and notions; learn to read, layout, and cut patterns.  Learn easy construction techniques as you complete a simple dress or blouse. Instructor: Kotronis Max: 8


CN:1013       Mon-15wks                              Starts Feb 1

$125             ASH Rm. P1                          6:00-9:00pm

CN:1014       Wed-15wks                              Starts Feb 3

$125             ASH Rm. P1                          5:30-8:30pm


CN:1015         Fri-15wks                                Starts Feb 5

$125             ASH Rm. P1                         9:00am-noon


CN:1016         Fri-15wks                                Starts Feb 5

$125             ASH Rm. P1                        12:30-3:30pm



An introduction to quilting from a basic pattern. Cut, piece, and quilt fabric.  Your quilt can be completed in the 10 weeks of class. Email for supply list ( *Note: basic sewing experience necessary. Max: 8 students per class.  Instructor: Laskowski


CN:1129       Mon-10wks                           Starts Feb 22

$90                ASH Rm. P2                          6:00-9:00pm

CN:1017       Thur-10wks                           Starts Feb 25

$90                ASH Rm. P1                          6:00-9:00pm

CN:1106       Tue-10wks                            Starts Feb 23

$90                ASH Rm. P1                          3:00-6:00pm


CN:1018       Tue-10wks                            Starts Feb 23

$90                ASH Rm. P1                          6:00-9:00pm






Guitar for Adult Beginners Level I

Learn to tune, strum open chords, and how songs are constructed.  Class is designed for immediate success.  No experience necessary. Bring your own guitar and picks.  All other materials provided. Max: 8 students. Instructor:  Stockinger

CN:1063         Tue-7wks                             Starts Feb 23

$87                ASH Rm. P2                          6:00-7:00pm


Guitar Level II

Continue to develop skills with new songs. Learn finger picking styles, lead playing and bar chords, and new strumming techniques. Instructor:  Stockinger

CN:1064         Tue-7wks                             Starts Feb 23

$87                ASH Rm. P2                          7:00-8:00pm


Piano for Adults (Level I)

Learn the basics of playing the piano.  Note reading, chords, and theory will be taught each week, along with a song.  Materials provided.  Max: 8 students. Instructor: Stockinger

CN:1066        Mon-7wks                             Starts Feb 22

$87                ASH Rm.16                           6:00-7:00pm


Piano for Adults (Level II)

Continue to develop your skills and learn different styles of playing and new songs. Build on major and minor chords along with reading and understanding theory.  Max: 8 students. Instructor:  Stockinger

CN:1067        Mon-7wks                             Starts Feb 22

$87                ASH Rm.16                           7:00-8:00pm 


Adult Singing Lessons

Singing is a great therapeutic cure for whatever ails you!  Learn basic vocal techniques that will enhance the quality of your public speaking abilities. Instructor is a professional singer who has 25+ years experience.  Instructor: Greene

CN:1068        Mon-6wks                             Starts Feb 22

$70                ASH Rm.10                           7:00-8:00pm






German (Beg)                                   Instructor: Kouassi

CN:1026       Mon-10wks                           Starts Feb 22

$65                ASH Rm.11                           6:30-8:30pm


Italian (Beg)                                    Instructor: Franzese

CN:1028       Mon-10wks                           Starts Feb 22

$65                 ASH Rm. 6                            6:30-8:30pm


Spanish (Beg)                                  Instructor: Checkler

CN:1030       Mon-10wks                           Starts Feb 22

$65                 ASH Rm. 7                            6:30-8:30pm


Spanish (Beg II)                              Instructor: Checkler

CN:1032       Tues-10wks                           Starts Feb 23

$65                 ASH Rm. 7                            6:30-8:30pm


Spanish (Inter)                                Instructor: Checkler

CN:1033       Wed-10wks                            Starts Feb 24

$65                 ASH Rm. 6                            6:30-8:30pm


Spanish (Adv )                                 Instructor: Checkler

CN:1034       Thur-10wks                           Starts Feb 25

$65                 ASH Rm. 7                            6:30-8:30pm






NEW! Physical Therapy Aide Technician (for adults 18+)

If you are motivated to start a new career in healthcare, our 6-week Physical Therapy Aide Training Program will prepare you for this high demand occupation.  Learn professional skills, basic knowledge, and most importantly, the “hands-on” skills required for this rewarding and fulfilling career.  Class consists of a classroom component (at Asher School) and clinical training segment (at Clinic). Max: 9 students  **Please reference refund notification on page 30.  Instructor: Dr.  Sudhi Khurana PT, DPT

Class starts Feb 24 and meets on Wednesdays and Saturdays for 6 wks.

Class is held at two sites:

        •  Asher School Rm. 16 on Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30pm

        •  Wyandotte Physical Therapy Associates Clinic, Woodhaven site,

            22357 West Road, Woodhaven, on Saturdays, 9:00-11:00am

CN:1125    Wed/Sat-6 wks         Starts Feb 24



Health Care Provider II

YOU MUST REGISTER IN PERSON  Prepare yourself for an entry-level position with a home health agency, hospital, or community health agency.  Basic nursing care is taught in an academic and clinical environment by health care professionals in affiliation with a local hospital.  Join the fastest growing occupation in Michigan.  Level II requires completion of Level I or instructor approval.  A tuition payment plan is available.  Class meets for 16 weeks, starting February 2, at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. 

CN:1123  Tue/Thur-16 wks                                    Feb 2

$295                  HFWH                             5:00-10:00pm


Medical Terminology

YOU MUST REGISTER IN PERSON  As you prepare to enter the healthcare field, you will need to learn its language and become familiar with anatomy and physiology as they relate to health and disease.  This class is a must for many health care and related occupations:  receptionist for a doctor’s or dentist’s office, hospital and medical secretaries, clerks, medical insurance processors, nurse assistants, and many other occupations.  Class meets for 15 weeks, starting February 6, at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. 

CN:1121       Sat-15 wks                                          Feb 6

$95                    HFWH                       8:30am-12:30pm


Intro to the iPad and iPod Touch

Explore the basic features of the iPad and iPod Touch. Learn to use the camera, photo and video capabilities, music, eBook reader, how to download and update apps, and more.  The iPad can be your web browser, inbox, or your favorite novel.  Chat face-to-face with friends without leaving home. Bring your own device and iTunes account information.  Instructor: Nicholas

CN:1059         Tue-1wk                                         Mar 15

$55                ASH Rm. P3                          7:30-9:30pm


Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit Information

Are you a senior, wartime veteran, or the surviving spouse who needs financial help with assisted living or home healthcare expenses?  Learn the qualifications, eligibility, and how to apply for veterans’ benefits that you’re entitled to. You could receive up to $1,788/month. Instructor: Bolan

CN: 1009        Tues-1wk                                         Feb 23

$15                 ASH Rm. 8                            6:00-8:00pm


Voice Over’s…NOW IS YOUR TIME!

In what could be one of the most enlightening 2 hours you’ve ever spent, this class will show how YOU could actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, and videos!  You will learn a unique, outside-of-the-box way to cash in on one of the most lucrative full or part-time careers out there!  This class could be the game changer you’ve been looking for!  Instructor: Arledge

CN:1075        Thurs-1wk                                        April 7

$55                ASH Rm. 11                          6:30-8:30pm


Business Plan for Success

Create your own winning business plan.  In only six weeks you will be able to develop a business plan that will enable you to secure investment, establish credit from suppliers, and increase/develop customer base.  Instructor: Nicholas

CN:1094        Thur-6wks                             Starts Feb 25

$125      ASH Rm. 2                          5:30-7:30pm                            


Buying and Selling on eBay for Beginners

Find out what you need to know! Learn how set up an account, and buy and sell items. We will cover shipping, sending and receiving payments, resolving problems, and how to locate wholesale merchandisers. Discover the secrets of successful eBayers. Bring pen/paper for note-taking. Instructor: Jansen

CN:1076         Mon-1wk                                         Apr 11

$38                    ASH P3                               6:30-9:30pm


Photography (Begin. 35mm/digital film)

Learn to use your camera in the manual exposure mode (not focus) and the application of shutter speeds, apertures, flash, and composition. Learn through slide programs, workshops, shooting assignments, etc.  Bring camera manual and old photos to critique the first day of class. *Max: 16 students. *Some shooting workshops may be scheduled outside of listed class day and times (Sat/Sun).  Instructor: Thomas

CN:1085       Tue-10wks                            Starts Feb 23

$70                 ASH Rm. 5                            6:30-8:30pm

CN:1086      Wed-10wks                           Starts Feb 24

$70                 ASH Rm. 5                            6:30-8:30pm


Strictly Studio - Photography

Required: Bring your SLR camera. Class will consist of indoor/outdoor shooting sessions. Learn various lighting techniques, how to pose people, and camera techniques that will help you take better photos. *Prerequisite: Beg. *Max 10 students.  Instructor: Thomas

CN:1088       Thur-10wks                          Starts Feb 25

$70                  AND Gym                           6:30-8:30pm






Sign Language

With introduction to American Sign Language (ASL), you will learn basic vocabulary, grammar, Yes/No question and why question forms, history, finger spelling, numbers, colors, months, weeks, terminology, food names, family signs, and about deaf culture.  An excellent course if you are working in health care, public safety, service, or education. Pay book fee of $20 at first class.  Instructor: Gibson

CN:1098       Mon-10wks                           Starts Feb 22

$35                ASH Rm. 15                          5:45-6:45pm


Sign for Kids 9-12 yrs

An introduction to American Sign Language (ASL), you will learn basic vocabulary, Yes/No question and why question forms, finger spelling, numbers, colors, months, weeks, food names, family signs, and about deaf culture. Pay book fee of $20 at first class.  Instructor: Gibson

CN:1100        Mon-6wks                             Starts Feb 22

$25                    FD cafe                               7:00-8:00pm


Meditation for Healthy Living

Meditation is a practice by which a person achieves a greater sense of awareness, wisdom, introspection, and a deeper sense of relaxation.  In this course, we will explore the various techniques of meditation, such as guided, visual, chanting, coloring, walking, and mindfulness.  Keep an open mind and be willing to find the practice that works for you. Instructor:  Kowalczik

CN:1073         Tue-6wks                             Starts Feb 23

$43                 SH Library                            7:00-8:00pm


Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Listed by the American Lung Assoc. as an accredited stop-smoking resource, this program helps individuals give up cigarettes for good without side effects, weight gain, and special medication. Class conducted by a certified hypnotherapist. *Note: No refunds.  Instructor: Weber

CN:1136       Thur-1night                                        Mar 3

$70                 DV Rm. 10                            6:30-8:30pm


Weight Loss with Hypnosis

This program teaches you to eat only when you’re physically hungry and not feed on emotions.  Learn to identify and resolve attachments to food.  This is not a diet; it is a way to deal with eating disorders. Conducted by a certified hypnotherapist.  *Note: No refunds.  Instructor: Weber

CN:1137       Thur-1night                                      Mar 10

$70                 DV Rm.10                            6:30-8:30pm


Self Esteem with Hypnosis

Improve your presentation, confidence and self-acceptance in a positive way.  With thought realigning and innovative ideas, and by using hypnosis, we look to build your personal confidence. Conducted by a certified hypnotherapist. *Note: No refunds.  Instructor: Weber

CN:1138      Thur- 1 night                                     Mar 17

$70                 DV Rm. 10                            6:30-8:30pm


Relieving Personal Stress

through Hypnosis

You will learn to identify the stress in your life while redirecting energies toward positive achievements. You’ll learn to control fear, guilt, anger, and self-pity; achieve health and happiness through peace of mind. Course conducted by a certified hypnotherapist.   *Note: No refunds.  Instructor: Weber

CN:1139      Thur- 1 night                                     Mar 24

$70                 DV Rm 10                            6:30-8:30pm


Historical Background to the Bible

Increase your understanding of the Bible by learning about the geography and history of the ancient world.  Note: This is NOT a Bible study course; the course focuses on historical facts and well-established historical interpretation. Instructor: Piegza

Old Testament History

CN: 1082       Tues-8wks                             Starts Feb 23

$72                ASH Rm. 13                          7:00-8:30pm

New Testament History                                                   

CN: 1083       Mon-8wks                             Starts Feb 22

$72                ASH Rm. 12                          7:00-8:30pm


How to Maximize Your

Social Security Benefits

One of the most important, yet confusing and complex, financial decisions you will make.  This class presents an opportunity for you to understand all choice options that exist through real case studies.  Instructor:  Cousino

CN:1126         Thur-1wk                                        Mar 17

CN:1111         Thur-1wk                                       June 30

$15 either section ASH Rm. 8                            6:00-8:00pm


Retirement Planning Today

Retiring soon or currently retired?  Learn from a veteran financial advisor how to determine the amount needed to retire, create goals, convert IRA’s, reduce taxes, and eliminate debt. Instructor:  Morello

CN:1127        Thur-2wks                        Feb 25 & Mar 3

$49 person or couple ASH Rm. 8                         6:00-9:00pm


Retirement Income Strategies

(Required Minimum Distributions)

Do you have questions about how much you can or should take out yearly from your investments?  Join us for answer to these and other concerns. Instructor:  Cousino/Ed Will

CN:1001      Thur-1 night                                      Apr 14

$15                 ASH Rm. 8                            6:00-8:00pm


Annuities and Investing Strategies

Have you thought of purchasing an annuity or been told you should?  Learn how annuities work in this educational, unbiased class.  Instructor: Cousino

CN:1011      Thur-1 night                                      Apr 28

$15                 ASH Rm. 8                            6:00-8:00pm


Long Term Care, Eldercare,

and Estate Planning

Are you concerned that your assets will be depleted in the event of a nursing home stay?  Do you want to make sure your assets are distributed to your heirs free of probate?  This is a an educational, unbiased class.  Instructor:  Morello

CN:1002      Thur- 1 night                                        Apr 7

$15                 ASH Rm. 8                            6:00-8:00pm






Little Ninjas Karate for 4-5 yrs. old

An introductory class specifically designed for children ages 4-5.  Skills taught: focus, memory, teamwork, discipline, self-control, fitness, balance, and coordination.  Wear loose-fitting clothes.  Responsible adult must remain in attendance during class. Instructors: PKSA  

CN:1062       Thur-6 wks                             Starts Mar 3

CN:1072       Thur-6 wks                            Starts Apr 28

$38 either section GER CAFE                           5:30-6:00pm


Kids Power Karate LLC for 6-12 yrs. old

Learn traditional martial arts training emphasizing self-defense, fitness, conflict resolution, teamwork, and anti-kidnapping techniques. We do not promote aggressiveness but teach respect.  Wear loose fitting clothes. Instructors: PKSA

CN:1061       Thur-6 wks                             Starts Mar 3

CN:1071       Thur-6 wks                            Starts Apr 28

$48 either section  GER Gym                            6:15-7:00pm


Fit Kids Cross Conditioning Class

Children will work through a warm up, skill work, and exercise games to music.  We combine body weight calisthenics, gymnastics and yoga.  These elements keep children engaged while learning proper movement and creating a broad athletic foundation. We work to improve your child’s sports performance.  We look to build strength, balance, agility, confidence, teamwork, and focus! Personal Trainer:  Teets

For ages 6-8 yrs

CN:1119        Mon-8wks                             Starts Feb 22

$72                   FD Gym                              6:15-6:50pm

For ages 9-12 yrs

CN:1113        Mon-8wks                             Starts Feb 22

$72                   FD Gym                              6:55-7:35pm






No classes: March 28-31 & May 30th

Please register early.  Classes will close when maximums are met.



Ultimate Boot Camp

A fat burning workout combining your favorite calistenic exercises with extreme cardio moves.  Challenge yourself to achieve a new level of fitness. Bring your hand weights, mat, towel, and water. Come with a fun outlook, and wear athletic shoes with good support! Instructor: Geralyn

CN:1035       Mon-12wks                           Starts Feb 22

$92                   SH Gym                                    6:10-7:10



Enhance your posture, increase flexibility, extend endurance, and improve balance while firming your core. Pilates will create a lean, sculpted appearance using muscle toning, yoga stretches, and mat workout moves.  An emphasis on the abs, back, hips, and glutes, with alignment work and improvement of the mind-body connection.  Wear comfortable clothing; bring a mat and water. *Light weights optional. Instructor: Geralyn

CN:1036       Mon-12wks                           Starts Feb 22

$92                   SH Gym                              7:15-8:15pm


Ultimate Body Makeover

Create your own ultimate body!  Tired of watching makeover shows and wishing it were you?  We do a combination of aerobic exercise, calisthenics, and strength training that will transition your body.  Bring a mat, hand held weights, water, and athletic shoes with good support!

Instructor: Geralyn

CN:1039       Wed-12wks                            Starts Feb 24

$92                   AL Gym                             6:10-7:10 pm


Core Training

This workout enhances posture, flexibility, endurance and balance, while toning and firming your (powerhouse) core. Create a lean sculpted appearance with essential core training. Bring your mat, light hand weights, and water.  Instructor: Geralyn

CN:1040       Wed-12wks                            Starts Feb 24

$92                   AL Gym                              7:15-8:15pm


45+/Workout to Oldies Music

Get a motivating workout to the songs you love to hear....a fun-filled workout without the complicated choreography.  Learn low impact and joint friendly routines to burn the calories and condition your body.  Bring an exercise mat, towel, and water. Instructor: Geralyn

CN:1041       Tue-12wks                            Starts Feb 23

$92                   FD Gym                              6:10-7:10pm

Oldies II

CN:1042       Tues-12wks                           Starts Feb 23

$92                   FD Gym                              7:15-8:15pm



Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge

Your challenge is on; we meet for weekly fitness classes that will push your muscles and pump up your heart rate. These exercises and methods of training will help you shred pounds.  They are work outs like no other!  Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, your instructor will give you modifications to make sure all exercises meet your fitness level for maximum results.  The workouts will be constantly switched up so you’ll always get yo’fitness and sweat on!  2016 is the year you get FIT AND HEALTHY!  Instructor: Torres

CN:1108       Wed-10wks                            Starts Feb 24

$75                   SH Gym                              7:10-8:10pm


Modern Line Dancing

This class is modern line dancing, and incorporates various styles.  You will move to music that includes: oldies, country, urban, Latin, and more.  Dances include: urban sophistication, swing, waltzes, nightclub dances, and Latin flavor.  Modern dancing is much more fun than sweating at the gym! Instructor: Torres

CN:1043       Thur-10wks                           Starts Feb 24

$70                   AL Gym                              6:10-7:10pm


Zumba® Gold

Gold takes our Zumba® basic program and makes Zumba® accessible to active older or de-conditioned adults, de-conditioned   pregnant women, and those recovering from injuries.  This class is given standing and seated.  Join the party...ditch the workout! Bring a towel and water. Instructor: Torres

CN:1044       Wed-10wks                            Starts Feb 24

$60                   SH Gym                              6:10-7:10pm


NEW!  Fat Burning Cardio-Pilates

This class is an invigorating fusion of classic Pilates movements and fat-burning cardio exercises.  Cardio Pilates is proven to deliver a satisfying workout with strengthening, body-shaping effects. The effect is to strengthen and tone muscles without adding bulk, thus stimulating your metabolism.  This helps to decrease body fat by burning calories for a longer, leaner look.  Mat needed.   Instructor: Torres

CN:1046       Mon-10wks                           Starts Feb 22

$70              DV Café/Gym                         7:10-8:10pm


Lean and Mean Kettlebell Class

Kettlebells resemble a cannon ball shaped weight with a handle on top.  Target every aspect of fitness: gain tighter legs, glutes, back, arms, and abdominals.  Develop your cardiovascular conditioning and power, as well as stability, flexibility, balance and agility.  With plyometrics and body weight exercises, you will get lean in no time!  This class is recommended for all fitness levels. *A ketttlebell, (women 5-10 lb. and men 10-20 lbs.), and a mat will be needed.  Instructor: Torres

CN:1047       Mon-10wks                           Starts Feb 22

$70              DV Café/Gym                         6:10-7:10pm


Tai Chi Chuan-Beginning

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese exercise system of moderate weight bearing and cardiovascular intensity. Practiced regularly, Tai Chi will improve flexibility, strength, and fitness. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat, rubber-soled shoes.  Instructor: Correll

CN:1050       Wed-10wks                           Starts Feb 24

$70                   GR Gym                              6:30-8:00pm


Tai Chi Chuan – Intermediate

Prerequisite:  Tai Chi Chuan Beginning.  1st loop will be reviewed.  Attention will be given to correct and refine postures.  Students will begin the 2nd loop.  Instructor: Correll

CN:1051       Wed-10wks                            Starts Feb 24

$70                   GR Gym                              8:00-9:00pm


Tai Chi Chuan – Advanced

Prerequisite:  Tai Chi Chuan Beginning & Intermediate or equivalent.  Students must be able to perform 1st loop and be familiar with 1st half of 2nd loop.  Class will concentrate on completion of 2nd & 3rd loops. Instructor: Correll

CN:1052       Tue-12wks                            Starts Feb 23

$85                   GR Gym                              7:00-8:30pm


Beginning-Line Dancing

Class is moderately paced so everyone can learn basic steps. Wear shoes that slide (tennis shoes do not let your feet move freely). Instructor: TBD

CN:1057        Wed-9wks                             Starts Feb 24

$58                 GER Cafe                            6:10-7:10pm


Plus Line Dance

The pace is faster than the beginner class; dancers must know the basic steps.  Wear shoes that slide (tennis shoes do not let your feet move freely). Instructor: TBD

CN:1058        Wed-9wks                             Starts Feb 24

$58                 GER Cafe                            7:15-8:15pm


Ballroom & Latin Dancing - Couples

Partners only, please, 18+.  This course will introduce you to the Salsa, Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, Rumba, and the Cha-Cha.   Instructor: DeLiz

CN:1060       Wed-10wks                            Starts Feb 24

$110 per couple DV Cafe                            6:00-7:00pm

CN:1037       Wed-10wks                            Starts Feb 24

$110 per couple DV Café                             7:10-8:10pm



Improve your posture and well-being.  Learn to control your body and mind through yoga postures.  Wear comfortable, stretchable clothing; bare feet preferred. Bring a mat, rug, or blanket. Remember to fast/eat lightly 3 hours before class. Instructor: Barnosky


CN:1053       Tue-10wks                            Starts Feb 23


CN:1054       Tues-10wks                           Starts Feb 23

$60eitherclass     ALGym                                    7:45-8:45pm


Senior Chair Yoga

Take time out to meet new seniors or bring your friends along to have fun and improve your health.  Start with light stretches in a chair for a happy heart and a longer life. Instructor: Kowalczik

CN:1055       Wed-10wks                            Starts Feb 24

$70                ASH Rm. 10                          7:00-8:00pm


Senior Chair Yoga (extension)

Four week extension offering of Senior Chair Yoga class. Instructor: Kowalczik

CN:1078       Wed -4 wks                          Starts May 11

$28                ASH Rm. 10                          7:00-8:00pm


Yoga Pilates

Get off the couch, meet people or bring friends, and tone your body with a fully relaxed and beneficial workout to sculpt the body and lose weight. Instructor: Kowalczik

CN:1056       Tue-10wks                            Starts Feb 23

$70             DV Cardio Rm.                        7:00-8:00pm

CN:1118        Tue-5 wks                             Starts Feb 23

$35             DV Cardio Rm.                        7:00-8:00pm



You may register for Leisure Classes by completing the registration form and faxing us at 734-246-7244.  Be sure to include your credit card number.


Guide to class locations: 
AL  Allen Elem.
ASH  Asher Comm. Ed.
DV  Davidson MS
FD  Fordline Elem.
GE  Gerisch MS
GR  Grogan Elem.
NP  North Pointe Elem.
SH  Shelters Elem.


There is a continuous need for enrichment instructors.  We need persons who have a hobby or skill they would like to share with others.

WANTED:  Program Suggestions

We are always looking for new courses, activities, and ways to improve our existing programs.  Your suggestions are most welcome.

Call 734-246-4633 or write:
Director of Community Education
14101 Leroy,
Southgate, MI  48195



Saver Card

FREE Enrichment Classes for Senior Citizens, 55+ and retired, living in the Southgate Community School District

Enrichment Classes Available

  • Foreign Language

  • Knitting Beg/Adv

  • Sign Language

  • Sketching/Drawing

  • VA Aid/Pension

Classes may be closed due to full enrollment or cancelled without notice.  Student is responsible for any additional cost for books and/or supplies.

Call 734-246-4633  for more details.


  • Open to all Downriver residents
  • Pick-up at Asher School, 14101 Leroy
  • Every other Tuesday 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
  • Receive a bag of seasonal produce: $10
  • Cheese available at reasonable prices


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