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Asher School is no longer a GED testing site, but does offer GED preparation classes.

Visit or to register for testing.

Eligibility for GED Testing

1. Test-takers must be 18 years of age and and not currently enrolled in a regular high school or at least 16/17 with proper documentation.
2. Test-takers must have driver’s license, passport, military papers or other form of official government (national or foreign) ID that shows name, birthdate, signature, and photograph.
3.No certificates will be issued until test-taker is 18 and high school class has graduated, unless the individual has graduated from the Michigan Youth Challenge Program and is 16 years of age.

GED Test Registration and Testing Fees

You must register online at or

Total test: $150 or Per Module: $37.50
You must pay by credit or debit card.

If you have questions about the GED Test, we can help you.
Call 734-246-4633.

Do you want to prepare to take the GED?
GED Prep classes are designed for students who need a refresher course and will be ready to enter the GED testing process.  To prepare in all four subject areas (math, science, language arts, and social studies), students are encouraged to enroll in GED prep classes two days/evenings per week.

Southgate GED classes start the week of February 1.

Lang Arts/Soc Stud GED Prep classes:
     Tuesday  8:45 am  - 11:45 am
     Thursday   11:10 am  - 2:10 pm
     Tuesday  5:40 pm  - 8:40 pm
     Thursday 5:40 pm  - 8:40 pm
Math/Science GED Prep classes:
     Thursday   8:45 am  - 11:45 am
     Thursday   11:10 am  - 2:10 pm
     Tuesday     5:40 pm  - 8:40 pm
     Wednesday    5:40 pm  - 8:40 pm


Southgate Pre-GED classes start the week of February 1. 
Pre-GED classes are designed for students who need extra help in reading and math before taking a GED Prep class.
Mon-Thurs 11:10 am - 1:00 pm       

Tues/Thurs  5:40 pm - 7:30 pm

Fees for Southgate GED and Pre-GED classes:

Students 20+ on Sept 1, 2015:  $30 Registration Fee

Students 18-19 on Sept 1, 2015:  No Registration Fee


Frequently Asked Questions About GED

When did the GED test change?  In January 2014 the GED Test changed.  The new test reflects the current curricular and academic standards for high school graduates.  The test is administered at a testing center, and is taken on a computer.

What are some of the advantages?  The new test has many advantages for the testers, including the availability of results after completion of the test module, and an opportunity of taking individual test modules instead of taking the complete test at one time.

What is on the test and how will it be scored?  The new test consists of four modules: language arts, mathematical reasoning, science, and social studies.  The modules will have a score range of 100 to 200.  A passing score is 150 or better, with a combined passing score of 600 or higher.  The scores are not averaged together.  Testers  must score 150 or higher in each module.

What if I have tested in 2013 (or earlier) and did not pass?  The scores from the old test are not compatible with the new test; old scores cannot be transferred.

What is the cost for the GED test?  The cost for the test is $37.50 per module.  The cost to take the total test is $150.  Testers must pay by credit or debit cards.  Testers must register and pay online.  Testing is done only at a GED Test facility.

If you have questions about the GED Test, we can help you.
Call 734-246-4633.



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